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You have an IT environment growing at hyper speed or expanding and contracting nonstop. Scaling to meet your computing capacity needs is a given. Scaling your hardware costs that quickly or that often is not a given. Fortunately, our Dedicated Virtual Servers make cost-efficient scaling a practical reality. It's a smart approach to hosting—one that constantly helps you better manage your hardware resources. With Virtual Dedicated Servers, you get the most out of your servers and you only pay for the resources you're using at any given time.

Colo makes sure the solution works for you around the clock. The physical servers, the virtualization layer and the virtual machines are all managed 24x7x365 by our Certified VMware experts. You even get your own Colo Support Team that's dedicated to supporting your business.

So, you scale with your business and control your budget. All with a solution that delivers the support and expertise your business needs. In short, you accomplished what you set out to do—you got your money's worth without making sacrifices. Rapid VM Provisioning Makes Scaling Easier & On-demand Computing Capacity Possible so you can meet your performance and capacity needs at a moment's notice (with pre-defined Virtual Machines)

The Security of Dedicated Virtual Servers provides greater peace of mind if you're concerned about the compromises, unanticipated traffic spikes and security breaches that have plagued some shared virtualization providers

Automatic Recovery Keeps You Up and Running, delivering redundancy by recovering data from a second host machine (multiple servers and SAN required)

Snapshots Provide Increased Data Protection during your OS and application upgrades Use What You Pay For and Maximize Your Hardware Investment by better utilizing your servers through Virtual Machines

Pay for What You Use with Utility Billing that only charges for your Virtual Machines when they are turned on

Quickly Get To a Stable and Secure Virtualized Environment without investing your own time and resources to do it all yourself.

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